About Small Group Training


Join our small group classes to receive more individual attention with the camaraderie of others! Our trainers will guide you on this journey in a safe and fun atmosphere.


Benefits of a small group class include:


  • Full access to Small Group online virtual library
  • Facebook accountability group
  • Individualized training
  • Attention to form and execution
  • Motivation from a trainer and peers within the small group
  • More cost effective than personal training
  • Establish relationships and make friends with others in your group











 Small GROUP TRAINING SCHEDULE Grou Class Schedule



SMALL GROUP Classes are designed to fit around your schedule. 



Buns and Guns

Class focuses on working major muscle groups with big lifts, then targeting smaller muscle groups with isolation exercises.  We also work in different types of cardio to help you lean out and see the definition you’ve been dreaming about.


Strength Training

Adding a little bit of strength training to your exercise program can go a long way.  Not only does strength training make you stronger and fitter but it also protects bone health, can boost energy levels, and helps with chronic disease management. This class will focus on strength training for the entire body with cardiovascular training mixed in at varying intensities. Modifications are provided for all fitness levels.  Class is held in the Wellness Center.


Abs and More

This class focuses on strengthening the abdominals, glutes, lower back, hips and shoulders either as the primary or supportive muscles.



An interval training class that mixes calisthenics and body weight exercises with cardio and strength training.  With a new workout every week, these classes are designed to push participants harder than they’d push themselves and to always keep the body guessing.



In our Barre class you will achieve a full-body workout concentrating on toning the hips, thighs, glutes, abdominals and arms.  This low-impact workout focuses on isotmetric exercises that will strengthen your legs, core and back, while improving your posture and flexibility.  After working each muscle group to the point of fatigue, muscles are stretched for relief to create long, lean muscles without bulk.  


Muscle Blast

This class is a total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout.  This interval based class combines full body strength with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and clear your mind.


Tread n Shred

Split your workout 50/50 between cardio done on a treadmill and strength work done on the floor.  This class will transform your body and mind through high-intensity speed, hills, and strength intervals.  Your heart rate will continue to soar while specifically working the glutes and the legs.  Runners and walkers alike will love this mixture of cardio and strength combined in one calorie-torching workout.


Ride the Wave

Tone and sculpt your body with no impact to your joints. This popular water bootcamp style workout is a swimming blend of cardio and resistance training, and may incorporate resistance tools such as water weights, medicine balls, noodles and kickboards.








How do i join the small group community? 

$99/month unlimited LIVE and VIRTUAL classes


Purchase10 LIVE classes for $75

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Pay by LIVE Class $10



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Individual: $25/month 

Family: $35/month 

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stay active with our online virtual community

Small Group is ALSO digital!  From aerobic and strength workouts to stretching routines, the Beaver County YMCA has a virtual library to help you stay fit and active while you’re at home, traveling for work or on vacation.  These workouts will keep you engaged and connected around-the-clock.  Try one of our class samples today!


Butts and Guts


Interval HIIT


Amazing Arms


Butts a

Saturday Sculpt

This body sculpting class performing a series of repetitive exercises using your body weight as well as resistance bands, barbells and dumbbells.  A non-aerobic class focuses on core strength in an energetic, friendly and fun group atmosphere.



Combines best-in-class training tools with exciting workouts to help you improve cardiovascular fitness, power, strength and endurance in a way that’s right for your body and abilities.









Full body workout using a mix of equipment.  Every week is filled with 6 rounds of timed exercises.  After every 2 rounds, 3 easy questions are asked and answered as a group to reveal clues to the secret 7th round.  Come escape your routine and join the fun.