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About Small Group Training


Join our small group classes to receive more individual attention with the camaraderie of others! Our trainers will guide you on this journey in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Benefits of a small group class include:

  • Individualized training
  • Attention to form and execution
  • Motivation from a trainer and peers within the small group
  • More cost effective than personal training
  • Establish relationships and make friends with others in your group

Discover Small Group Training for a fresh, motivating exercise experience that delivers results you can see. 




 Small Group Class Schedule

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SMALL GROUP Classes are designed to fit around your schedule. 

Members: $5/per small group class $25/month unlimited small group classes includes cycling $35/month household unlimited small group classes and includes cycling Non Members: $10/per small group class $99/month unlimited includes cycle and all small group classes



Strength Training

This program will be instructed by an experienced certified personal trainer to accommodate all fitness levels. This program will help you to build a solid foundation of strength training.


Tread N’ Shred

This training is designed to increase cardio fitness through treadmill interval training and improve strength with super circuits. All fitness levels are welcome to attend (walkers, joggers or runners)


Butts and Guts

Class is dedicated to toning abs and glutes with targeted movements and cardio.  Focus will be on core strengthening to build muscles, in addition, it will also target your quads and hamstrings.



Class teaches proper weight-lifting technique, etiquette and routine in the free weight area.  The goals are to improve posture, increase strength and lose body mass.


Ride the Wave

Class will incorporate cardio and strength intervals to give you a total body workout in the swimming pool.  Suit must be worn but workout attire can be worn over top.


Pilates Barre

Class will focus on core strength, as well as lengthening and toning your muscles.  A variety of equipment will be used including Pilates reformers.





Becky has been teaching group fitness for 20 years.  She has taught a variety of classes in that time and has now found her niche in the mind/body formats of Pilates and Yoga.  Becky teaches the Small Group Pilates/Barre class.  She also works full time as a physical therapy technician and also enjoys coaching gymnastics.



Class will focus on core strength, as well as lengthening and toning your muscles.  A variety of equipment will be used including Pilates Reformers.


Upper Body Burn

This strength and power focused class uses free weights, TRX suspension straps, barbells and kettlebells to build and tone your UPPER BODY.  We will focus on arms, chest, back and shoulders helping to build those sculpted arms.  


Pedal and Power

30 minute cycling class followed by 30 minutes of a powerful leg workout.  You will be sure to shred fat, burn calories and have the best workout of the day.


Bands, Bells and Balls

Total body workout using resistance bands, medicine balls and kettlebells to improve endurance and help you build strength.


Gluteus Maxout

This calorie scorching, strength building workout uses resistance bands, weights and dumbbells to build your best legs and glutes.


Strength and Conditioning

Class will focus on flexibility, strength, and total body conditioning.  Technique, form, and function will be a big part of this small group training class.


Strength and Cardio

Class is designed to increase cardio fitness through interval training and improve strength through super circuits.


Happy Hour

You will start your weekend off strong with Happy Hour on Friday nights.  The trainers will put you through an AWESOME surprise workout.