Virtual Fitness

Virtual Fitness – COnvenient. Flexible. Versatile. 


Here at the Y we’ve been working on offering a Virtual Platform for a long time. Nothing ever felt quite right. Frankly, they just weren’t very “Y” feeling.  It wasn’t a community of people supporting and cheering each other on. It wasn’t class titles that are familiar to you or that you are used to seeing at the Y.  It’s finally here!


Y Wellness 24/7!

What is Y Wellness 24/7? I thought you’d never ask!  Y Wellness is a platform that you can access from anywhere! Choose from YMCA Live Instructor-led workouts from all of the state every week. OR pick from Y Wellness 24/7’s large – and ever growing- on demand library. 3 of our very own YMCA instructors will also be teaching your favorite classes on the platform. 


How can Y Wellness 24/7 benefit you?

  • It’s convenient – workout at any time of day, whether at home or away
  • Availability of a class is never an issue 
  • The environment will always be comfortable for you
  • You can focus on your fitness
  • It is budge-friendly
  • It’s a great supplement to your Y membership. Never miss a workout when on vacation or traveling for work. 


Y Wellness 24/7 also offers a supportive and motivated community. And they have Challenges to keep you going and hold you accountable.


You’ve got questions, Y Wellness 24/7 has answers!