Y Wellness 24/7

Live and on-demand workouts

Choose from YMCA live instructor-led workouts from all over the state every week.  Or pick from YWellness 24/7’s large-and ever growing-on-demand library.  


Benefits of YWellness 24/7:

  • It is convenient.
  • It is flexible and versatile.
  • Availability is never an issue.
  • The environment will always be comfortable.
  • You can focus on your fitness.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • There is a class for everyone regardless of your fitness level.
  • It is a great supplement to your YMCA membership.  Never miss a class when on vacation or traveling for work or due to weather conditions.  You can even tune       into a class while you’re at your child’s sports practice.


Y Wellness also offers a Supportive and Motivated Community as well as Monthly Challenges to keep you going and hold you accountable.



Individual:  $2/month

Family: $5/month

Virtual Membership only: $17/month (this does not include access to the Y facility.  YWellness 24/7 platform only).



Not sure what YWellness is all about or how it could help you reach your fitness goals?  Watch our demo below!


Have questions or would like to schedule a live demo?  Please contact our Wellness Director at or call 724-891-8439 x311.



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“…I joined this platform during the Black Friday special that was offered, and I really love it. While I enjoy in-person classes as well, I was not using the pool, weight room, or any other amenities offered and was paying for things I was not using. I have used the virtual platform daily, primarily for yoga and tai chi, and am expanding that experience as well to meditation. It also provides me the opportunities to sample classes in the privacy of my own home that I would otherwise not have tried. It makes life so much easier and safer, especially in regard to COVID.  Many thanks for providing this program. I’m loving it!”  – Susan Macconnell