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Yoga Classes are FREE & included with Beaver County YMCA Membership. No registration needed.


Beginners Yoga

This class introduces a wide range of key postures that help build towards an experienced yoga practice. Warm up stretches and breathing exercises may be practiced seated on the floor, standing up, and lying down. Modifications to full postures and the use of props, such as yoga blocks and straps, are offered for assistance. Beginners yoga helps provide relaxation, improves flexibility, balance, posture, increases strength, and enhances self-awareness.
I = 0 C = 0


Mixed Level Yoga

A combination of standing and seated postures and breathwork that work on strength, balance, alignment and stretching. This class gets you warmed up through a sequence that helps increase flexibility in the legs, hips, and spine, and focuses on using the core for support.
I = 2 C = 0


Flow Yoga

Flow is a vigorous style of yoga emphasizing the transition between postures through each breath. This class will warm up the body, increase the heart rate, improve flexibility, increase strength, and improve balance and posture. You will be standing and seated, and move between positions frequently.
I = 3 C = 3


Chair Yoga

In Chair Yoga the focus is on warming up the body with small movements and breath awareness with the use of a chair for support. You may remain seated for the duration of class, or work towards a short, modified standing series with hip and heart openers, forward stretching, and balancing. The class finishes with gentle seated stretches and relaxation. All levels are welcome.
I = 1 C = 1


Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is designed for school aged children who will learn a variety of postures that increase strength, flexibility, balance, improve calmness, and provide relaxation. Children have the opportunity to be interactive while receiving the benefits of focus, concentration, and

I = 2 C = 0


Aquatic Yoga

A one hour class in the water focusing on strength, flexibility, stability, and overall conditioning. The water provides resistance, support, and cushioning. Basic yoga poses will be taught in a whole new way!
I = 0 C = 0


Restorative Yoga

This class intends on providing you with relaxation, calmness, and comfort after a long week of working out to your max! With the use of props for supporting and deepening your practice, you will be able to relax for longer periods of time in fewer postures than a typical yoga class.
I = 0 C = 0


Breathing and Relaxation Class

This class will focus on meditation, deep breathing, and various breathing exercises to help improve breath control, relaxation, and mental clarity. These techniques will help members with their breathing during yoga classes. This class will be conducted seated and will include seated stretches if time permits.
I = 0 C = 0




Meda Lytle, Mind and Body Coordinator

Since beginning a regular yoga practice in 2002, Meda has enjoyed better health in the areas of increased strength and flexibility, more energy, pain relief, reduced stress, and better endurance. She has experience with a variety of yoga levels and styles including Hot Yoga and Flow.


As Mind Body Coordinator at the YMCA, she and her team are focused on providing more options for various age groups and fitness levels including Beginners, Mixed Level, Flow, Breathing and Meditation, Kids Yoga, Semi Private Yoga Training, and Aqua Yoga.  She invites anyone looking for more information to contact her at



Class Guide

I = Intensity C = Choreography
0 = Adjust to Personal
2 = Beginner
Fitness Level
3 = Intermediate
1 = Senior Start
4 = Advanced


The numbers are a guide to let participants know what to expect. Please do not let a number keep you out of a class. Feel free to adjust your workout to fit your needs. Work harder or lighter!