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Childcare is offered in our YMCA facility Monday – Friday between the hours of 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Children are grouped in the below classrooms in order to facilitate age appropriate interactions and development as they progress through our program.


Infant Room


Our infant room serves children from age 6 weeks to 1 year.   We accommodate each child’s needs and routines to help the infant and parents feel secure.  Our staff assists in all developmental stages of each child with exposure to a variety of activities that promote their emotional, social, and physical growth.


Young Toddler Room


This room consists of children from ages 1-2 years.  Our staff encourages each child’s individual growth and independence.  There is a consistent routine including outdoor exploration and various learning activities like crafts, musical awareness, reading, and gross motor development.


Older Toddler Room


Our children ages 2-3½ are very active and curious about the world around them.  We introduce formal classroom learning routine which includes circle time, stories, songs, and finger plays.  Basic language, math, and social skills are reinforced daily.


Preschool Room Care


Our preschool room serves potty-trained children ages 3½ to 5.  Our teachers plan and implement lessons that incorporate all areas of the curriculum such as language arts, math, and science.  Children in this room are actively engaged in a variety of activities throughout the day, such as arts and crafts, gym, and playground time, nature walks, songs and stories, and more!