Individual Training



Everyone has personal goals. Let our nationally certified training staff help you reach your destination.

Whether it’s personal training, nutritional support, or individualized Yoga or Pilates training we can help you!



Packages and sessions are non-refundable, non-transferable and do not expire.  Sessions are flexible and can be used for any of the following services:


Member Fee :

  • 1 one-hour session = $27
  • 6 one-hour sessions = $143
  • 12 one-hour sessions = $275
  • 24 one-hour sessions = $526

NonMember Fee :

  • 1 one-hour session = $40
  • 6 one-hour sessions = $214
  • 12 one-hour sessions = $412
  • 24 one-hour sessions = $799





Nutritional Therapy


Find the missing pieces of your wellness puzzle with the assistance of a Certified Nutritional Therapist. Nutrition education combines educational strategies and environmental support designed to facilitate voluntary adoption of nutrition related behaviors conducive to health and well-being. During your sessions you will learn the tools necessary to lead you towards meeting nutritional needs and solving problems that are barriers to change.



Personal Training


Achieve your personal best and maximize your workout with motivation and safe fitness-training methods! Medical clearance by your physician may be required prior to starting this program. Private pilates sessions can utilize a variety of tools to train the client including the reformer, the barre and pilates rings. The client and trainer work together to improve the client’s strength, agility and flexibility.



Private Yoga Sessions


Are you interested in starting a regular yoga practice, but just can’t find the time? Are you uncertain about which style or level of yoga will work for you? Then why not try private yoga sessions! You will be guided through a variety of yoga postures and breathing exercises that will help improve your flexibility, balance, and posture, as well as increase strength, reduce stress, and improve your overall wellness.


You will receive personal attention and practice at a pace that is suitable for your needs. Sessions may have up to two participants and will be scheduled by appointment. A physicians clearance may be required.