COVID-19 has changed how people exercise.  Have you found your new normal? 

Fitness trends come and go, and with the recent pandemic it was clear we all were looking for a new way to stay safe and continue our fitness journey and small group training was the answer so many were searching for. 


In an effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, we are able to follow all CDC requirements with our small group program now that we are back inside of the YMCA.  There are plenty of ways we can maintain our connections, even with social distancing guidelines. 

Small Group Training classes are limited in the amount of people who can participate.  We max our groups with less than 10 people which allows the personal trainer to build a connection with each individual while also giving proper attention to each participant’s safety, form, and alignment.  It also helps to ensure proper social distancing to keep our members safe, as well as our trainers.  Workouts are designed to maintain an appropriate distance from each other and by utilizing one of our larger rooms, we are able to avoid close quarters during our sessions together.  Each person has their own space to avoid direct contact.  Support, motivation and encouragement are still provided to keep everyone going but we are saving our fist bumps and high-fives for another day. 


Cleanliness and sanitization are of upmost importance to us.  All equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to and right after class by the trainer.  Our team also sets up all the equipment that will be utilized before class begins to further ensure member safety. 

It’s no secret that small group training is considered a more cost-effective way for people to experience the benefits of working with a fitness professional especially during the recent economic turbulence from COVID-19.   However, in addition to not breaking the bank, small group training has been shown to increase camaraderie, accountability, and success for individuals in the group. When individuals exercise in a group, they establish relationships and make friends with other people in the group-helping them become regular participants in the group sessions. Exercising in these smaller groups also keeps members accountable to each other.  When they aren’t in class, they often receive messages from others in the group to see where they were.  They don’t want to let each other down.     


The heart of any fitness business is its community, especially during an unsettling and unknown time.  Connecting with one another in our online community is more important than ever.  When the coronavirus closed our doors, our small group community never missed a beat.  We were able to keep members active and fit with live zoom classes.  We were still able to work out together, converse and push each other as we would inside our 4 walls at the YMCA.  We were also able to offer on-demand work outs for our small group community to watch and re-watch.  They were able to sweat with us from home whenever their schedule permitted.  We continue both of these practices today as we come back from quarantine for those who aren’t comfortable returning live yet, are on vacation or are traveling for work.  Currently, we have over 150 videos available to our small group members in our virtual library.  Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, staying in touch with your small group peers makes all the difference in the world.  We have a strong online private and exclusive fitness community as well. In this group, we offer support and motivation as well as fitness advice and challenges to keep all members engaged.  Our online community has many positive benefits, such as higher levels of well-being, better coping skills and a longer and healthier life.  A strong social support system of likeminded friends and family can also help us accomplish our goals or as we have found during COVID-19, can help us deal with a crisis.  Being surrounded by people who support and care can help us reach any goal we put our minds to.   


COVID-19 has definitely changed a lot in our community including how people exercise, but it’s clear our small group training program is a great option when searching for your new normal. 

-Beth Boffo, Wellness Director