Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank Back in Beaver County!

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank set to distribute food in Beaver County again!


A drive-up food distribution by the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is set for Saturday, September 12, from 11am-1pm.  This distribution will take place at Pathway Church, 279 Braden School Road, Beaver Falls, PA.  The Food Bank will serve 500 households at this event.  Reservations can be made on the Food Bank’s website or by calling 412-460-3663 ext 655. To make a reservation you will need your name, email, zip code, email address, current weekly income, and license plate number for the car picking up the food.


Things to keep in mind when you arrive:

  1. No cars will be permitted to arrive before 11am
  2. No exceptions will be made for a reservation getting more than one share of food
  3. For one care to get more than 1 food share, the car must have more than one family or household
  4. Each household must complete a separate reservation
  5. The same car and license plate can be used up to 3 times for the same food distribution event
  6. You must stay in your car to keep everyone safe and to maintain social distancing. The only exception is exiting car to use outdoor restroom provided. NO socializing.
  7. Once you pull into distribution area, place your car in PARK and unlock the trunk or backseat.  For everyone’s safety, the loading of your food share will not begin by the volunteers until the car is in park.
  8. Stay alert and follow the guidance of Food Bank Staff and Police Officers directing cars through the distribution area.


Don’t forget to share this info with your friends and family.  You never know who needs this information and the lives you may impact by doing so!