Summer Camp : Week 3 – Dinosaur Week!

We had JURASSIC FUN this week!

Greetings Camp Families!

Is that a stegosaurus I see?! And did a pterodactyl just fly overhead?! We had so much fun at Dinosaur Week! We even had a special guest at opening ceremonies this morning who came to play “Shipwreck” with us!


Kindergarten started swimming this week! They had a blast in the pool! They will swim Tuesday/Thursday mornings from here on out this summer. 1-7 grades will continue to swim each afternoon.


As a reminder, please DO NOT send any toys/games from home with your Campers. They should ONLY bring essential items for the day in their backpack each day. If you do not know what to send, click the button at the bottom of this email for a complete list. Alternatively, you can reference the parent handbook. 


As vacations approach, I also wanted to remind you that any changes to your schedule must be submitted at least one week prior in writing(email is fine) in order for us to adjust billing. Please keep this in mind for schedule changes of any kind.


Your Campers are already learning and growing so much this summer and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for trusting us with them this summer. In the midst of such uncertainty this year, we knew that your kiddos would be dying for a more normal summer, and it has been a true privilege so far this summer to get to serve your family in this way! 


As always, please do not hesitate to reach out at any point if you need anything! 



Jerrib Terrell

School Age Childcare Director

Beaver County YMCA