The YMCA will Reopen on June 15th

We are so thrilled that we are able to reopen our YMCA on Monday, June 15 at 5AM! Thanks to all of you who have stayed with us and believed in the Mission of the Y. I have never been more proud of our Y by fulfilling the need of food insecurity in Beaver County by providing 88,000 free meals during that timeframe. With summer upon us, we anticipate serving 150,000 free meals to continue our quest to serve the less fortunate of Beaver County.

I also appreciate the many words of support and the new partnerships that were formed and the strengthening of our existing partners. THANK YOU! Without all of you, our assistance would not have been possible.

As you take the first steps back to the Y to find your new daily normal, you will notice changes to how our Y looks and operates. Know we have taken considerable time to prioritize the health and safety of everyone. We’ve spent the last two months gathering guidance and input on how to adapt our Y, our amenities and worked through the many challenges presented by COVID-19. We’ve studied advice on aquatic environments, social settings, youth programs, wellness activities, sports and group exercise and have applied the best practices in these areas to our Y.  

Using that guidance, we have posted everything you need to know on our website.


We know that there are many changes to navigate as we reopen, and we appreciate your willingness to work with us to keep our community safe. 


All of these measures are intended to create a safe environment for all who count on the Y as the place where they tend to their health and wellness. We will work very hard to provide for your safety and are asking you to help provide for your own safety, and the safety of your fellow Y members. The Y has always been a hub of the community, and while it may look and feel different when we reopen, our commitment to community remains. We will continue to seek and implement the latest guidance.


Welcome Back!


Mike Harich