Want to Tri?

Indoor Triathlon – Try the Tri at the Y

First Indoor Triathlon to be held, Sunday, February 20

The Beaver County YMCA will hold its first ever indoor triathlon. As of last check there were 40 participants signed up. Do you want to try the tri? It’s just you against the clock! We have some fun up our sleeve, but you got try the tri to find out what that fun is! The Indoor Triathlon will be held before the Y opens to ensure everyone’s safety during the transitions. Are you intrigued yet…let me give you the run down. 

The Tri will begin promptly at 9am for the first wave of participants with a 20 min swim in the lap pool. 

5 Minute transition time – get out of that swim suit and get ready to ride

Head over to the MPR for a 20 min ride on the Keiser Cycle Bikes. 

5 Minute transition time – get off those cycle shoes (not required to enter) and get ready to cruise to the finish

Cruise into the Wellness Center and hop on the Precor Treadmills for a 20 minute run


Sounds easy right?! But how is it scored. Points will be awarded based on how many laps swam, how many miles rode on the bike, and distance ran on the treadmill. 


Got questions? Beth the Wellness Director is here to help! or 724-891-8439 ext 311

Ready to sign up? Click Below!